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National Cartoonists Day

Saturday, apparently, was National Cartoonists day. My good friend, Rick McKee, is the editorial cartoonist for The Augusta Chronicle, and so to bust his chops I told him that would celebrate the day by standing silently until someone put a pithy caption beneath me.

Here’s the thing, though. You don’t want to mock a cartoonist. Because, you know, they can draw things.

Here’s Rick’s response:


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9 Responses to National Cartoonists Day

  1. clashfan says:

    I like the desert islands guys as a set-up trope.

  2. clashfan says:

    I like the desert islands guys as a set-up trope.

  3. Devon says:

    So those two guys sittin’ there, were long ago asked “If you knew you were going to get stuck on a desert island, what would you bring with you?” …apparently their answer was Joe Posnanski.

  4. nightflyblog says:

    It’s a rare gift to be ribbed so niftily by a good friend. He could at least have given you a little more hair, though.

  5. Tampa Mike says:

    Lol, well played Sir…

  6. JV Batboys says:

    This is simply marvelous.

  7. This is going in my calendar. Next year, my wife is going to wake up captioned on National Cartoonists day. Dog too.

  8. David in NYC says:

    As the kids like to say (do they still?):

    Oh, snap!

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