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Monfils, PosCast and Stuff

A couple of links:

— Love writing the tennis, as you probably know. Here’s my ode to Gael Monfils.

A bit about Gary Sanchez and the six players who hit 10 homers in their first 25 games.

— I did write something about Colin Kaepernick and the anthem, but it was way back before we were talking about socks and stuff.

Also, yes, Michael Schur and I recorded a couple of PosCasts. The first one is out, you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher and the usual places. We talk Yankees, more Yankees, some Yankees and we wrap up the Olympics in Rio.

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12 Responses to Monfils, PosCast and Stuff

  1. invitro says:

    I like this wikipedia paragraph on Zeke Bonura: “During World War II, Bonura was posted to Oran, Algeria. He organized large-scale baseball operations, consisting of 150 teams in 6 leagues. Playoffs among the teams narrowed them to two finalists – the Casablanca Yankees, consisting of medics, and the Algiers Streetwalkers, consisting of MPs. The North African World Series was a best two-out-of-three-game championship played on October 3 and 4, 1943, at Eugene Stadium in Algiers, Algeria, between the two teams. The Casablanca Yankees won the series in two straight games. The winners were presented with baseballs autographed by General Eisenhower, and the winning team received a trophy made from an unexploded Italian bomb.”

  2. Rick Rodstrom says:

    I’m surprised that as a former KC sportswriter you neglected to mention that Joe Foy (the prospect considered to be better than George Scott) was traded to the Mets for Amos Otis, one of the most infamous trades in Mets history.

    • KHAZAD says:

      Not just Otis, but Bob Johnson as well. Joe would have 1.9 WAR for the Mets before being exposed in the expansion draft, while Otis had 44.6 for KC, and Johnson added a 4.5 WAR year.

      KC parlayed that year by trading Johnson and 2 other players for Freddie Patek and two others. Johnson and the other two players combined for 1.9 WAR total in their Pirate careers, while Patek and the other two guys combined for 26 for KC.

      Two related trades, a net gain of 71.3 WAR. It’s astonishing really.

      • Mwarneridx says:

        You are right about the amazing KC trades — there are of course a bunch of others, unrelated, like McRae and Mayberry — but you’re wrong about Foy. He went TO KC in the expansion draft, played (sorta) for the Mets in 70, and was soon released. No expansion draft in 70…

  3. E.B. Haines says:

    I could teach Joe all the mental aspects of tennis in 1-3 months where he would NEVER lose to a similar 3.5-4.0 opponent again!

  4. Eric J says:

    With regard to Zeke Bonura and fielding: Contemporary observers gave him the reputation of avoiding errors by not attempting to make plays that he found even slightly challenging, instead letting things go for cheap hits.

    And as far as range factor goes… please don’t use range factor for first basemen. It’s not an ideal statistic for most positions, but it is beyond useless for first basemen.

    The formula for range factor is simply putouts plus assists, divided by innings, multiplied by 9. By far the dominant quantity in that formula for a first baseman is putouts; Bonura had about 15 times as many putouts as assists for his career, and checking a couple of contemporaries, their ratios while playing first base are similar (Foxx 14 to 1, Gehrig 18 to 1, Trosky 16 to 1).

    And a huge majority of first base putouts require the first baseman to simply field a throw to complete a play that another fielder has made. Which demonstrates little to no fielding ability on the part of the first baseman. Which, as a result, is also true of range factor.

    The rest of that article was good, though, and the Monfils one was great!

  5. joe serwatka says:

    Loved your article on Monfils. Especially liked the description of how you play. I am the same way. But when I play doubles I become ultra conservative because no wants to be a bad partner. And some of that type of play does carry over to singles.

  6. aweb says:

    I tend to play golf the way Joe plays tennis…and I stand by it. I’m not playing for money or in tournaments, so why not try the improbable shot? It’s frustrating and a lot more fun, if that makes sense. My best golf memories are the great shots so why wouldn’t I try for more? The driver off the deck from 280 yards over water, the angry drive over the dogleg to within a foot of an albatross, chipping from the middle of the woods to a foot. Let those tempermentally suited to smart play have it…enjoy playing stupid.

  7. -b9 says:

    Lemme gonna tella youse without d’New Joisey accent, kapiche, Vinny?

    What we do on earth determines our destiny.

    So, tell me, brudda. Q: Who needs a psychotic lesbian in the White House? A: the Demokrakkers!!!

  8. MikeN says:

    Joe, today’s Monfils match reminded me of your post on Trump.

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