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Michael Phelps and endings

Michael Phelps had the perfect ending. Well, except for one thing: There ARE no perfect endings.

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2 Responses to Michael Phelps and endings

  1. John Leavy says:

    A different take on the perfect ending to a sports career: Lou Piniella used to say that the perfect ending was an excruciatingly painful injury.

    Sounds odd, I know, but he had a serious point. Lou retired from the Yankees because his back hurt so much that he just couldn’t swing a bat any more. The pain told him clearly, “You can’t do this any more.” Hence, when Lou finally retired, he never looked back.

    MOST of his retired teammates and colleagues of similar ages got wistful at Springtime. After all, they weren’t really old- they were in their late 30s, in the prime of their lives. They woke up in March and thought “Maybe I can still do it.” A few, like Bobby Murcer, made embarrassingly unsuccessful comeback attempts.

    Pain and injuries spared Lou Piniella that annual urge to try again.

  2. Moscratch says:

    Anyone who thinks there are no perfect endings has not seen The Last Anerican Virgin

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