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Louis CK and Kansas City

One of my favorite gags is Louis CK on how much he hates Kansas City. He’s used that gag over and over again. Ripped Kansas City on The Tonight Show (“Kansas City is the armpit of the world”). Ripped Kansas City on the show “Louis” a few times. The feeling in Kansas City seems to be that it comes from early in Louis’ career when Kansas City audiences just didn’t quite take to him. But I think it has just become a gag.

I know some Kansas City people who are offended by all this, but as someone who loves Kansas City, I think it’s great. The way I see it: You WANT to be the town that your favorite comedian uses for jokes. There’s a connection there. It’s like: You WANT to be the player that fans boo at the All-Star Game. You don’t want to be the player at the All-Star Game who gets introduced, and the crowd is completely silent, like: “Uh, who cares?”

Maybe that’s just the Cleveland in me.

Anyway, Louis CK sent out an email on Tuesday to announce several new stops on his tour, and while Kansas City is not on the new list (Louis played KC this summer), he still found a way to stick some Kansas City ripping in there:

“If you don’t see your town on the list, it is likely that I’m coming to you later in the year.  It’s NOT because I hate your town.  Indeed I go to towns that I hate to work all the time.  For instance, I played in Kansas City this summer.  And I had a great time there.  And boy do I hate Kansas City.  I hate Kansas City so much, that I had to go to a doctor to “have that looked at.” Luckily, the doctor assured me that I am very healthy and that, indeed, Kansas City is an astonishing dump. “

Well, hey, I think it’s funny. Sure, it’s way funnier if he had used St. Louis. But that probably would ring too true.*

*All angry St. Louis emails should be sent to Louis CK at WhateverHisEmailIs dot EDU. I mean, he said it.

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12 Responses to Louis CK and Kansas City

  1. KCJoe says:

    Not so much. There must be a difference between a native Clevelander and Kansas Citian. I assure you most people born and raised in Kansas City want people to like their city. This can make Kansas City seem like the kid who is the prime target of a bully. Picked on, made to look stupid…

    We may try to show you what we see in our home town but if you don’t like it or just want to jab at us, a Kansas Citian will tell you to Go to hell and don’t come back looking for us to spend money on whatever you are promoting.

    I’ve generally liked Louis CK’s stuff. Good stuff on parenting and being a middle-aged sloth. At this point, he will join the ranks of Howard Cosell, John Elway and Robinson Cano in my “not a fan” list.

    • Brad says:

      Agreed! I’ve never really “got” Louis CK like a lot of other comedians, and if he truly dislikes KC, well, he can suck my fat, Irish……
      However, it is great to see another Kansas Citian who has it in for Robbie Cano!! Yeah!!
      Robbie cano..clap,clap,clap,clap, clap….Robbie cano….
      I’ve always considered that all-star game eviseration one of the cities great sports moments.

  2. Chris Smith says:

    Every town/city has another one as the butt of the jokes. KC doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for Louis CK, but, then again, as a New Yorker, he probably makes fun of everyone else.

    Unless you’re Ft. Wayne, in which case, you pretty much have nothing to look down upon.

  3. Mark Daniel says:

    I think it’s funny, people should lighten up if they take offense to it. To be fair, though, I’m not from Kansas City. Nor have I ever been to that rat hole.

  4. Nick says:

    How can anybody not like KC? I mean, “Everything is up-to-date in Kansas City, they have gone about as far as they can go….” according to “a” great bard, not necessarily “The” grate bard….

  5. Paul White says:

    I think I’m in a unique position. First, I’ve lived in Kansas City for a really long time. Second, I was a kid in basically the same part of Boston suburbs that Louis CK was a kid in, and at essentially the exact same time. Third, I’m a big fan of his and went to his show this summer with my son, who likely gave me the tickets as a Father’s Day gift because he is also a massive Louis CK fan and wanted me to bring him to the show. Which I did. And finally, since it was mentioned in a prior comment, I should note that I even lived in Ft. Wayne for a couple of years between Boston and KC.

    All that said, he’s joking. It’s a running gag he uses to amuse himself, and I’ve even heard him say as much. So I’m not offended by someone who grew up in Newton, MA in the ’70s growing up be a hugely popular comedian who decided it was funny to keep running down my adopted hometown. I lived next to Newton in the ’70s, and it was pretty the same kind of shithole Louis CK claims KC is.

    Besides, Ft. Wayne pegs out the shithole scale way more than either of the other places.

  6. Dan says:

    Louis can be a jackass. He got too cute at the oscars and made it about himself at the expense of a sexual assault support group. Ok to say he is a dick, Joe.

  7. Ricky B. says:

    When I lived in the Charlotte area, I saw Brian Regan perform a few times. Had a great bit about Charlotte naming all of its streets beginning with “Sharon” — Sharon Avenue, Sharon Amity, Sharon Road, etc. Which if you’ve been to Charlotte, you know is absolutely true. Regan absolutely slays.

  8. Mike Schilling says:

    Kansas City is a fine city. It’s nothing like Los Angeles, and … actually, that’s all it takes.

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