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Links on May 10

Working on that long tennis post and what might end up being an equally long one on “The Offfice.” Once more, I’ve got about 10 half-completed posts waiting to be finished. Hope to get to a bunch of them this weekend, as well as a few more golf items from The Players Championship here in Jacksonville.

In the meantime, links!

— A chance to tell a few fun golf stories and ask a question: Is the Island Green at The Players Championship a great hole?

— Squeaky Bum Time is over. A quick look back at the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

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One Response to Links on May 10

  1. Chris Harman says:

    You say CR7 is one do the top 5 footballers in the world; who is in your top 5? Most people put Ronaldo firmly in the number two slot right behind Messi but you putting him in a general top 5 piqued my interest. I am a huge soccer fan and I was happy to see the link to your story about SAF so I would love to hear more from you about world soccer.

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