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Links! Links! Links!

I’ve gotten a few complaints from BRs that I’m not doing any writing lately. Actually, I’m writing a lot — I’m just not linking very well.

Fortunately, NBC now has an Author Page where you can link to everything, if you choose.
A few recent stories:
Bud makes an example of A-Rod. But he still looks longingly at the NFL and how nobody seems to care about football and PEDs.
— The Dolphins might be better this year. But after almost 20 years, they still have not replaced the consistent excellence of Don Shula — under him, the Dolphins ALWAYS won.
Well, all the rest are on the archive page.

Oh, and in response to a BR request: Here is the new NBC RSS Feed, which should work better than the old one. 

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7 Responses to Links! Links! Links!

  1. rcharbon says:

    Why did NBC kill off the RSS feeds?

  2. Not all of your stories are showing up in the rss feed. Ah well, forces me to return to the blog for my joe-fix.

  3. How many places do I have to look to see all your writing? Why not just update here?

  4. Nathan Yan says:

    The link to your author page doesn’t work on a mobile browser – just redirects to a 404

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