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Links for May 1

Our baseball roundup, featuring Oakland early-season sensation Sean Manaea, who is getting people out by pitching slower.

For The Athletic: LeBron.

For The Athletic: That crazy Yankees-Twins thing (featuring Michael Schur)

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2 Responses to Links for May 1

  1. dtslcd says:

    Thank you for the links – I did sign up for The Athletic and so far so good. One note – it would be good if I could get notifications when you, or specific other writers, have new articles. I’m more interested in that than every article about my home teams

  2. KHAZAD says:

    On your point about Manaea pitching slower – I wish him success. The league has been far too focused on velocity and max effort ever since radar guns became ubiquitous. While you do have to have some velocity, there are many cases where subtracting a few miles per hour might make a guy a better pitcher, especially for a starter, as long as you still change speeds well and locate. This also gives you an upper gear the hitter is not expecting if you go max effort for a pitch when they haven’t seen that.

    There was a young pitcher (who is still a good starter today) about 14 years ago that was touted to have a 97-98 MPH fastball, yet when he reached the majors he was throwing 92-93. When asked about it, he said something like “Sure, I can throw it that hard. Or I can throw it 5 MPH slower and actually get people out.”

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