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Links 6/10

A few links as I head off to the U.S. Open, where I fully expect to see rain win.

— Really loved doing this one — the story behind golf’s most famous photograph and the fascinating man who took it.

— I did not mean to start a mini-war with this one. I just wanted to write about how I learned to stop worrying and love hockey.

— Everything that has leaked about baseball’s Biogenesis investigation suggests serious overreach. It seems like the commissioner desperately wants to secure his legacy.

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4 Responses to Links 6/10

  1. Matt Janik says:

    You started to hit on it at the end of the hockey piece, but, some unsolicited advice:

    – Go to an AHL game. Somewhere with an arena that has two tiers and way more seats than will actually be filled (see: Manchester, Hartford, Providence, etc.)
    – Either go alone, or take somebody with you who really knows the game.
    – Buy a ticket wherever, but then go watch the game from the second deck, at the end of the arena, behind one of the goals. Sit somewhere apart from everybody else, where you can take in the whole arena.

    The intensity of hockey comes through best up close and personal. As you mentioned, that’s where you can see the overwhelming speed. To see the beauty? To fall in love? Give yourself some distance and survey the whole scene.

  2. Rob Smith says:

    I love hockey in person. It’s great. I took my one year old to a Major Junior League game and he loved it. Sat through the whole thing & ended up crying when it was over. I think it’s almost impossible not to like hockey in person. On TV, I find it unwatchable.

  3. Rob Smith says:

    So Joe, on the Biogenesis scandal. I’ll buy that possibly Selig is going all in on the scandal too soon with a shady character as the main witness. Maybe. But do you really think that players are not finding shady guys from whom they purchase their PEDs? Does this not ring true? Look, you are on record as essentially overlooking the steroid users mis-deeds, specifically as they apply to the HOF. So, are you now saying that MLB is manufacturing a situation to nail specific players like Braun and ARod? Those are just weird and illogical conspiracy theory type positions to take IMO.

  4. KHAZAD says:

    Selig’s legacy is as the steroid enabler. He stuck his head in the sand when it was an issue throughout the beginning of his reign because it was making him money. People were talking about steroids in baseball and magazines were doing articles on it starting in the late 80’s. He absolutely refused to address it. The steroid era and Selig will always be linked. It was only for PR reasons after the Canseco book that he started addressing the issue. Once he did begin to address it, he was like a reformed smoker that, after quitting, decides that all smokers are the devil.

    As far as inter league play goes, I don’t mind it, but do it like the NFL where all teams in a division play the same teams in the opposite league. There have already been divisions decided by the “natural rivalries”, and the differences in schedule strength that comes from that.

    I also have always been amazed that Selig made it to, and maintained, his position despite being perhaps the most awkward public speaker I have ever seen.

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