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Three links to drop on you.

— I had a lot of fun writing the Big Read this week about San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

— I did not have as much fun writing about sports and security in the wake of the Boston Marathon attack, but it’s a hugely important topic and I do catch up with an old friend, former FBI special agent Jeff Lanza.

— Rob Neyer with a great idea — he asks really cool people like Michael Schur, Bob Costas, John Thorn, Brian Kenny and, well, himself, what should be the next baseball movie now that 42 is doing big box office. He also asked me.

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5 Responses to Link-o-Matic

  1. jim louis says:

    Liked the article on future baseball movie ideas. Bill James makes me want to see a Cap Anson film.

    I too liked “42”, but agree with your earlier review that it lacked subtlety. Lines like “maybe he’s a super-hero after all” and “some day everyone will wear 42” are eye-rollers. Boseman did a fine job, but I was more entertained or intrigued by the Barber, Durocher, Blanca, Phillies manager, and Ricky characters. I never felt like we got to know Robinson very well. And the baseball scenes were mostly believable, minus the scene of Boseman fielding grounders and awkwardly shoveling the ball to first.

    Speaking of characters, I’d like to see movie made about Dan Quisenberry.

  2. Mike H. says:

    I’m surprised nobody suggested a movie about the always-fascinating Moe Berg – one of the first Jewish major leaguers, who was as brilliant as he was charismatic and quirky, and who split time between playing ball and serving as a globe-trotting spy for the US (leading up to and during World War 2), when he wasn’t busy being a frequent game show contestant. But following a post-baseball career with the CIA, he became destitute, bouncing around between his sibling’s houses (even being evicted from one) until he died in a fall. There are a few biographies about him, which might make a screenplay a little easier to draft.

  3. NMark W says:

    Some 30 years ago or more I remember reading or hearing of a proposed Clemente movie with Harry Belafonte supposedly wanting to be Roberto. Somehow, I’m almost glad that one didn’t get Hollywood funding.

    • clashfan says:

      I don’t know . . . Belafonte was a dancer, and very charismatic. He could have played Clemente, I think.

      Maybe a body double for the baseball scenes.

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