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Life After The Race

From NBC SportsWorld:

“I absolutely hated it,” he repeats. I had asked him if he loved racing against Dale Earnhardt.

“I hated racing against him,” he said. “Sure, you loved it at the end of the day if you finished ahead of him because you knew that you have just beaten one of the best. But no, racing wheel to wheel against him was excruciating. He lived up to every nickname he ever hard. He knew how the air worked around the car so well that he was the hardest guy to pass.”

Jeff Gordon’s eyes stay focused on the road ahead, but they seem to harden.

Life After the Race

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  1. Marc Schneider says:

    I have zero interest in auto racing but growing up in the South, I well remember when NASCAR was the province of the good ole boys. It amazes me how-to its credit-NASCAR has broken out of that niche because, to me, it was, shall we say, not particularly receptive to different types of people. It just proves that when there’s a chance to make money, people will adapt, at least superficially.

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