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King Felix’s Fight


All Business: Felix Hernandez focused on return to form

Mariners’ GM Jerry DiPoto: “Everybody sees it .His teammates see it. There’s a different fight to Felix. He’s in great shape. And he’s driven in a way that I think is different. I keep telling people, the demise of Felix Hernandez has been greatly exaggerated.”

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One Response to King Felix’s Fight

  1. SDG says:

    Great story. But I don’t understand making a distinction between a player coming to camp in the best shape of his life with new stuff or a different delivery or what have you, and there being a fight to him, a new attitude, or whatever you want to call it? Aren’t they all of a piece? A guy is determined to come back from an off year, so he takes the initiative to try new deliveries, changes his conditioning program and doesn’t just go through the motions when he’s training. The new fight or will to win or whatever easy sports cliche people use isn’t sneering on the mound but the stuff you do when you’re out of the game.

    I just don’t see how Felix is different from, say, Tim Wakefield who wanted to be in the majors so bad he converted himself from a hitter to a knuckler in college. No one ever described him as fearsome or dangerous but he clearly wanted in very badly.

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