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Keaton’s Fried Chicken

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  1. DeadCenterPerfect says:

    Great write-up on a hidden gem. Gotta update the C.V., Joe. Still have you at NBC.

  2. invitro says:

    I’ve driven all over North Carolina (the best state in the world!), but I don’t think I’ve been through Cleveland more than once or twice. I’d give this place a try if I still lived there. The food doesn’t look all that amazing, though. I’d like to go to the Raleigh Seafood Market again.

  3. SDG says:

    Joe, this is how good a writer you are – I want to eat this fried chicken even though I’ve had fried chicken before and I don’t like it. (I fully accept I might not have had the good stuff. If I’m ever in the South I’ll give it another shot. Is the skin supposed to be slimy or is that a sign it’s not done right?)

    • invitro says:

      As a Southerner (albeit at the north end of the South), I feel like I can talk about fried chicken some. First, like all “soul food”, it’s common and popular because it’s cheap. Every grocery store, supermarket, Wal-Mart, etc has boxes of hot fried chicken that you can buy for a few dollars. This stuff is usually very, very bad. KFC fried chicken is god-awful. On the other hand, I think Bojangle’s chicken is pretty great. I don’t think the skin is supposed to be slimy… the stuff in the picture is not typical. It’s usually crunchy, and cheap fried chicken generally has dry and flavorless skin. There’s as many different kinds of skin/crust as there are of barbecue, though. The meat is always supposed to be juicy, tender, and lean, though — not dry, fatty, or salty. And I disagree about cold fried chicken — that stuff gives me indigestion, and the juiciness often just becomes congealed fat or grease in cold stuff. Yuck! But the bottom line is that gourmet fried chicken is a pretty weird idea. It’s generally cheap and quick staple, like mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and biscuits — its usual side dishes — which also range in quality from delicious to inedible. Now who wants to go to a family cookout?

  4. Damon Rutherford says:

    Note at the bottom of the article, Poz, your bio says you work for NBC Sports. That was so 2016.

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