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JPT: March of the Robo Umps

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  1. Marc Schneider says:

    I miss complete games. I know they are never coming back and there are sound reasons for pitch counts and so on. But I miss seeing a starter finish a shutout (not to mention a no-hitter). I guess I’m old-fashioned, but however much we talk about how much better the game is today in quality, I think we have lost some of the “romance” of the game. There was something especially dramatic about seeing Jack Morris in the 10th inning of Game 7 in 1991 (even though I was unhappy with the outcome). I understand the reasoning and, in a lot of ways, pitching is probably much tougher than it was back in the day. But I get tired of celebrating starters who go five or six innings-seven innings is almost a complete game. Now, having said that, I wanted the Nats to pull Scherzer after 7 because I know, in today’s game, leaving him in to throw 120 or 130 pitches is risky business. (And, as much as Dusty Baker was criticized in Chicago for supposedly ruining Prior and Wood, he wasn’t going to take that chance.) But I miss the workhorse starters, the 300 inning guys. Again, I know that’s not coming back. But I miss it.

    • invitro says:

      I miss CG’s too, though I don’t remember as many as you do. But it’s like SB’s. It was strategically correct for players to decrease the number of their steal attempts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the game is improved. I remember the big base-stealers of the 1980’s, and even more the big base-stealing teams, and miss them. I’d love to see a team like the 1982 Cardinals again. I wish baseball could find a way to have more SB’s, in some “natural” way.

      • Marc Schneider says:

        There is no doubt in my mind that it makes better tactical sense to have fresh, hard-throwing relievers in the game than tiring pitchers having to go through the order another time. (Although my understanding is that the % of blown leads is no different today.) But, as you say, progress doesn’t always mean improvement.

  2. Marc Schneider says:

    Oh, and CB Bucknor raises incompetence to a new level. Wouldn’t someone be embarrassed to be performing their job as poorly as he does?

  3. AdamE says:

    I have always thought they screwed up instant replay from the start. They should add an umpire to every crew in the majors. They should rotate each umpiring position just like now except they should also rotate into the booth. The guy in the booth would be the lead umpire and could overturn any call. No more having managers asking for a replay, no more calling New York, and o more delays. Just a guy in the booth that says TV had a better angle he is safe. (or whatever the case may be)

    • Marc Schneider says:

      They should call the extra umpire the “Bucknor Ump” as he will be there to make sure Bucknor doesn’t screw things up even more.

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