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JPT, April 10


So, you probably have noticed — I’m now putting my baseball bloggy stuff over at my Medium site. This is how my new employer would like it, and I’m good with that.

You might say: “That’s not how I wanted it!” But that would make you Fredo, and you don’t want to be Fredo.

I’m still going to write here when I can — personal stuff, non-baseball stuff, the iPad review, you know, the goofy stuff. But baseball will be over on Medium. Would love to have you over there.

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6 Responses to JPT, April 10

  1. Fan Diego says:

    I’ll miss your baseball writing. Your new employer might or might not understand or care. Their loss of site traffic one clicked link at a time.

  2. Richard says:

    Joe’s also moved a LOT of his older work over to Medium. Presumably more essays (like the Baseball 100) will find their way there, too. I encourage all you fans of Joe’s writing to head over to Medium, sign up (it’s free and easy), and then “like” (click on the little heart icon) Joe’s posts. Each “like” moves them up Medium’s popularity ladder, and thereby gets them more notice.

  3. Marc Schneider says:

    Fredo sleeps with the fishes.

  4. Rob says:

    This makes me sad just because my employer blocks but not Stupid Big Brother…

  5. As long as you link to it from here, I’m good.

  6. Gary says:

    Ah, too bad this has happened. I’ll still come here to see what Joe has written and click the link to wherever it is. But as much as I enjoy Joe’s writing, I think I come here even more to enjoy the comments and debates of his reader community. And it seems that is dying off with this last shift to Medium. I hope not, but I suspect it to be the case. The commenters have been generally intelligent, thoughtful, funny, statistical, polite, analytical, historical, etc, with a very low ratio of rudeness and snark. I don’t comment that often but I’ve enjoyed those who do so regularly here. They’ve changed over the years here but it’s always been fun to read. Lately it’s been Invitro, who I think might actually be Thomas Pynchon (for better and for worse). Oh well, things change. I’m a guy who bought the first version of the Baseball Encyclopedia when it came out in 1973. It was the greatest thing for a stat nerd and a beautiful olive-green hardcover book 25 years before the internet. I loved it and happily paid for it. But of course the next year they came out with an updated version. Damn it, things always change, but I hope the commenting community remains solid here. Jerry Koosman forever!

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