Baseball 100

The 100 Greatest Baseball Players Ever

100. Curt Schilling

99. Cool Papa Bell

98. Ron Santo

97. Lou Whitaker 

96. Ichiro Suzuki

95. Mariano Rivera

94. Paul Waner

93. Craig Biggio

92. Old Hoss Radbourn

91. Robin Roberts

90. Mark McGwire

89. Bullet Rogan

88. Tim Raines

87. Nolan Ryan

86. Miguel Cabrera

85. Barry Larkin

84. Frankie Frisch

83. Gaylord Perry

82. Roberto Alomar

81. Joe Jackson

80. Johnny Mize

79. Smokey Joe Williams

78. Ryne Sandberg

77. Ozzie Smith

76. Buck Leonard

75. Tony Gwynn

74. Hank Greenberg

73. Arky Vaughan

72. Willie McCovey

71. Monte Irvin

70. Duke Snider

69. Sadaharu Oh

68. Bert Blyleven

67. Harmon Killebrew

66. Roy Campanella

65. Kid Nichols

64. Eddie Murray

63. Charlie Gehringer

62. Robin Yount

61. Frank Thomas and Jeff Bagwell

60. Brooks Robinson

59. Reggie Jackson

58. Turkey Stearnes

57. Derek Jeter

56. Chipper Jones

55. Ernie Banks

54. Rod Carew

53. Steve Carlton

52. Wade Boggs

51. Ken Griffey Jr.

* * *

50. Al Kaline

49. Nap Lajoie

48. Bob Feller

47, Albert Pujols

46. Sandy Koufax

45 Yogi Berra

44. Pedro Martinez

43. Warren Spahn

42. Jackie Robinson

41. Pete Rose

39 thoughts on “Baseball 100

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    1. Jeff Paul

      Baseball has been advocating “Stand Up To Cancer” & “backwards” K Cancer but yet every game we continue to see players using cancer-causing products. On-field drugs is highly unprofessional and inconsistent with the revolution to clean the game up of PED’s and other drugs. It’s also a rather bad example for kids and young adults looking to be just like their heroes as they play ball.

      Tobacco is banned at every level of Baseball except the MLB. It’s also illegal for fans to use in nearly every stadium. Bud Selig is trying to take it off the field as well. Yes, these are grown men who have every freedom which I respect. But on the field drugs need to be done away with and replaced with another product that is not harmful to a players health especially something that is not carcinogenic.

      If tobacco was taken off the field young kids wouldn’t have to view players using drugs on the field. I believe it would instantly benefit the players and their health too from 2-5 hours less of tobacco use each day. If they choose to use it off the field that’s 100% up to them. Nobody can take your rights away off the field. But we all have limitations of what we can or cannot do while at our places of work. PROFESSIONAL baseball should be able to back up what they stand for. “K Cancer” & “Stand UP To Cancer”

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      Will you STAND UP To Cancer?
      http://chn DOT ge/1pceCat

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  3. Paul O'Cuana

    If Dan Brouthers isn’t on the list I’ll be very disappointed. Greatest hitter in early baseball, pre 1900.

  4. Connor

    Great Idea. Do we get an intro to this? Are we detracting from the Barry Bonds/Pete Rose types or it is based purely on on-field performance? How are we defining ‘Greatest’? Overall numbers, or does the time period factor in?

  5. Sadge

    Should we use this posting for general discussion of the overall list and/or the Top 50 contest? The individual posts can be reserved primarily for talk around that player and their direct effect on the list/contest. That way we don’t have to search for individual posts that will cover months. Thoughts?

  6. Peter Samiotes

    Hi Joe, I loved the stories on Monte Irvin, Stretch, and Arky Vaughan! Thanks for that, can I see the top 50, not sure if I’m missing something, but, know I am.

  7. Azure Ray

    Joe hasn’t updated his list since March 25. Maybe he’s saving the Top 46 for a book or something…?

  8. Wes (@wcrickards)

    I’m drowning here… need more of the list… If not, I might actually have to get work done while I’m sitting at my computer in the office…….

  9. Chris M

    When he started this, he was on pace to have it done by Opening Day. At his current pace, it won’t be done until the Cubs win a World Series.

  10. Monday, Son, Monday

    I’ve officially lost interest in this list. Time to check back in December and January when Joe’s brilliant HOF analysis pops up. (Seriously, is there a better writer about the HOF than Joe??? I think not.)

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  12. Tim K

    With the tie at 61 this list really becomes the baseball 101. But that’s ok, I don’t mind having to read about an extra player.

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  15. David Cohen

    I check in every day or two and still no changes? Such a shame – I figure he most know who the other 40 are.

  16. David Allan Morris

    Just for people who keep looking for more on this list, I am pretty sure Joe said he was making it into a book. (I am so not buying the book after the bait-and-switch, that crack analogy seems apt)