Yo Joe! Jeter, Fun and Sumo Goalies

Today’s Yo Joe! comes live from England (Call it the “Yo Joe! intended to keep me awake long enough to get over jet lag” edition).

Thought: Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for my friend Brandon McCarthy and his nine pitch, three-strikeout inning. But calling it an “immaculate inning?” Really? It has happened six times this year. Immaculate is for Franco Harris, not something that happens every month or so.
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Yo Joe! Bowling, Jays, College Kicks

From Brilliant Reader Alex:

Yo Joe! If the Jays and Royals both miss the playoffs (Jays almost certainly will, and you never go wrong betting against the Royals), whose fans should be more disappointed?  The obvious answer is the Royals … but I think the answer might be Blue Jays fans, for a few reasons:
- The Royals have overachieved this year … the Jays have a better run differential than KC.
- The Jays have been hit hard by injuries, with Lind and, especially, Encarnacion spending time on the DL, to say nothing of Izturis (zero games), Lawrie, Rasmus, and so on.
- Even if things don’t go right for the Royals next year, they have a young nucleus and hope, and the Tigers should only get worse.  The Jays, on the other hand, have missed a rare opportunity when both the Yankees and Red Sox aren’t very good.


Good points. Both sets of fans should obviously feel hugely disappointed. But the Jays sort of fell out of it a while ago while the Royals still cling to that second wild card, even while manager Ned Yost is apparently taking a crash course called “How to be a manager.” The overall disappointment might go to Toronto but if the Royals miss the postseason this year it will be more of a punch in the gut.
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Yo Joe! Scouting Reports and LeBron

Here is my annual plug where I ask you to take part in Tom Tango’s superb 2014 Fan Scouting Report, where you do the baseball reports. I’ll have more to say about these in the coming days, but these scouting reports have been pretty remarkable the last few years. They have broken all sorts of ground and broke ground on things like Andrelton Simmons defense long before that information was mainstream. You probably believe you know your baseball team as well as anyone — and you do. Fill out a report on your team, it’s really a lot of fun.
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Royal thought of the day

Yes, I know I can be hard on Ned Yost, maybe even unfairly so at times. That said, when you are in a pennant race, when every win and loss counts, when you are at home against a last place team, when you can fall a game and a half back in the standings with a loss, YOU CANNOT HAVE AARON CROW PITCH TO DANIEL NAVA WITH THE BASES LOADED.

This is not negotiable. There are no exceptions to this rule.
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Yo Joe! Football and Rock ’n Roll WAR

From Brilliant Reader Ed: 

Yo Joe! Can football be saved?  Right now the physical toll on the players and the violent culture are dragging the game down.  


Pro football remains the most popular spectator sport in America by a landslide so “saved” might not be the right word. Most people love football so much — along with the various extras like fantasy football, gambling on football, the NFL Draft and so on — that they are willing to look past just about anything.
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Yo Joe! Unanimity, Stadium Names, Field Goals

From Brilliant Reader William:

Yo Joe! You have written a lot in the past about the Hall of Fame voting process, and I’ve been wondering: Is there any chance Jeter or Mariano get 100% of the Hall of Vote? Was wondering if you think these guys, or any other players playing today, have a shot.
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