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Jinxes and Browns

Week 4 of return to Browns fanhood.

From NBC SportsWorld:

But is Cleveland really jinxed or is that something that we Clevelanders just tell ourselves to make it all seem a little more romantic? Seen another way, the Indians did put together one of the great hitting teams in baseball history and got to a couple of World Series in the 1990s. LeBron James has twice taken the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals — once when he was just a kid and once more after he returned home. Even the perpetually doomed Browns have been to three championship games, something that Detroit Lions fans would take in a heartbeat. They all just fell short.

And the bad teams? Were they really jinxed? Take this Browns team. They’re bad. But jinxed? Sunday seemed a good day to find out.

The J Word


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7 Responses to Jinxes and Browns

  1. Kendell says:

    As soon as I saw the end of the game my first thought was “I can’t wait to see what Joe has to say about this one.”

  2. mark says:

    Joe seems to think that the Browns are not jinxed because a lot of their failures can be attributed to bad decisions. Fari enough and I agree. But the question is whether Cleveland is jinxed. And at the city level, Cleveland is junxed by universally and perpetually having inept ownership and management.

  3. DjangoZ says:

    Well, given a choice, I guess it is better to be abstinent with wide receivers than promiscuous. But surely there’s a middle ground. 😉

  4. Losing because you were off-side on a game winning missed field goal is kind of a summation of the Browns. You have to be both undisciplined and jinxed to pull that off. Not to mention kind of stupid. The outside rush man on a short field goal has almost no chance of blocking a kick unless there is a serious bobble on the snap/holder exchange. In the NFL, those exchanges are well practiced by players who are specialists. They make that exchange flawlessly 99% of the time. The field goal block almost has to come from inside, and that’s difficult too on a short kick when the kicker can easily afford a high trajectory, unlike longer kicks. Figure in an overall average of 5% misses from that range and a much smaller chance of blocking the kick from the wing, and the guy who was off-side really needs to learn him some football.

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