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Italian Baseball Superstar

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  1. Leo from Italy says:

    Thanks Joe, quite funny, and yes, we do have a Baseball League in Italy!
    Never would have thought that I’d read a story on Italian Baseball here, and from my city, Padua, of all the teams.
    I’d like to make evrybody aware that Mark will play for Tommasin Padova, surely I will go to the ballpark (we are 30 to 40 people, most players relatives) and let you all know how it works out… Hope at least it will be fun.

  2. invitro says:

    Since we did that World Baseball Classic lineup thing, here are all the MLB players that were born in Italy:

    3B/2B/SS Reno Bertoia, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy ( 1745 AB, -1.2 WAR for DET/WSH/MIN/KCA) [1953-1962]
    3B/1B/LF Alex Liddi, Sanremo, Italy ( 173 AB, -0.1 WAR for SEA) [2011-2013]
    PH/1B Hank Biasatti, Beano, Italy ( 24 AB, -0.3 WAR for PHA) [1949]
    SP Marino Pieretti, Luccia, Italy ( 673 IP, -2.8 WAR for WSH/CHW/CLE) [1945-1950]
    P Julio Bonetti, Genoa, Italy ( 173 IP, 0.6 WAR for SLB/CHC) [1937-1940]
    RP Lou Polli, Baveno, Italy ( 42 IP, -0.7 WAR for SLB/NYG) [1932 and 1944]
    RP Rugger Ardizoia, Oleggio, Italy ( 2 IP, -0.1 WAR for NYY) [1947]

    So Liddi was the first Italian MLB player in 50 years. Not very impressive results for these guys… they all had negative WAR except for Bonetti.

    • invitro says:

      I knew Hank Biasatti’s name seemed familiar to me. He also played in the BAA, before it became the NBA, in 1946, for the Toronto Huskies. He grew up in Canada, and apparently is considered the first international player in NBA history.

      Also, Alex Liddi is the -only- player to be born -and raised- in Italy to play in MLB. (Bertoia also grew up in Canada, Pieretti grew up in San Francisco, and Wikipedia doesn’t say where the others grew up.)

      Al Campanis might also be on this list. He was born on an island that belonged to Italy when he was born, but has been part of Greece since 1947. Wikipedia says he was the first Greek player in MLB history.

  3. KHAZAD says:

    I will always remember Teahen fondly. He had his one great year on the worst team I ever watched, the 2006 Royals, and was one of the few bright spots on the team. (The Pitching on that team was so bad that they finished with a -3.8 rWAR as a team. Yeah, the entire team was below replacement level)

    After that, even if he never came close to having that kind of above average year again, he played through the Royals changing his position several times, never complained and played hard every day on some bad teams.

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