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Is It Christmas

My editor points out this wonderful website called IsItChristmas where you go to find out, well, “Is it Christmas?”

I have to admit, I’ve found the site to be of great use to me. It’s like a Magic Eight Ball site where I can ask all sorts of questions and get a calm yet firm response.

— Should I buy that?

— Will this be the year my team finally wins?

— Will those old pants still fit?

— And, in a related question: Should I finish off the entire ice cream carton?

— Will the BCS system work?

— Will I catch the traffic lights since I’m running late?

— Will my team sign the big free agent?

— Will I find money?

— Will someone do that for me so I don’t have to do it?

— Will my tennis elbow just suddenly go away?

— Will the three people I need to talk with call me back in time to make dinner?

— Will my daughters just do what they’re supposed to do without complaining today?

— Should I get one of those Forever Lazy jumpsuits?

Seems to me these questions, like so many others, are really just another version of the big question:

Is it Christmas?

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9 Responses to Is It Christmas

  1. Rob says:

    I’ll be it goes down on Christmas when everyone rushes to check it at once.

  2. charles says:

    I just got a forever lazy. so awesome.

  3. NMark W says:

    Can you rake leaves in a “Forever Lazy”?

  4. KHAZAD says:

    Every product I have seen like the “Forever Lazy” has been cheaply made crap except one.

    Years ago, long before the cheaply made ones hit the TV, Land’s End sold something called a Snuggle Sack, and I bought one (Around 1998 or 1999) for my Wife and my Mom, who both get cold in the winter. It was made of actual, high quality fleece with cuffs on the arms and legs and a heavy duty zipper.

    When the Snuggie came out, I told people to spend the extra money for the Snuggle sack, only to find out they no longer made them. I was a little sad that I would not be able to replace the ones I had bought until I realized that they were so well made I may never have to.

  5. Mark says:

    I bought my girlfriend a Forever Lazy. I got one with it. God help me.

  6. It is for the Angels!! …………or is it?

  7. NMark W says:

    Well, it certainly is for Pujols and Wilson and I’d say the Angels fans are pretty okay with it too.

  8. John Kape says:

    Joe – Tennis Elbow will not suddenly go away.
    Requires 3-6 months off from playing tennis.

    You’ll know it’s gone – when twisting off the cap off a new bottle of spaghetti sauce doesn’t make you cringe.

    Use a tennis elbow band once you start playing again. I use one made by McDavid.

    BTW: It took 3.5 months for mine to suddenly go away.

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