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Hitting the Links

Wrote a couple of pieces up at SportsWorld this week, hoping you caught them.

Wrote today about Buck O’Neil. 

Wrote earlier in the week about Richard Petty.

Very excited about where SportsWorld is going. Check out Aceball Stats piece on Mike Trout too and some of the video content. I think as it builds up, SportsWorld will become pretty great.

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7 Responses to Hitting the Links

  1. dlf9 says:

    I absolutely love every word you write about Buck. Please keep preaching. I wish I could have met him; I do my best to think as positively as he did – someone cut me off in traffic today and flipped me off; I tried really hard to think that he must be rushing off to see his wife after a long absence, but I’m not as good at it as Buck would have been.

  2. fred says:

    Maybe the MLB hall of fame doesn’t deserve Buck, he belongs in the human hall of good. There’s no such thing, except in our minds. Thanks Joe for keeping that hall alive. Nothing can atone for not getting Buck in while he was there, but you’re keeping his memory alive in the best possible way

  3. Robert says:

    I woke this morning with problems. Then, I read about Richard and Buck, and for a few minutes my problems were transported. That is the magic of brilliance and overwhelming talent, and for those few minutes of respite I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My problems won’t go away, but neither will the memory of those peaceful, enthralled few minutes. Maybe I learned a little something from Richard and Buck to help me bear up to my issues.

  4. Dr. Baseball says:


    I dream of being the writer you are.

    I have to be honest, when I saw that the topic of the article was Buck O’Neil, I thought to myself, “I am busy today. I don’t have time to read this one. I already know all about Buck O’Neil. I have read Posnanski on Buck O’Neil, numerous times.”

    But, then, I read the article anyway. And I saw, again, your magnificent way with words. But it’s more than that.

    You write with heart. You have passion for what you do. You are an amazing writer.

    Your words, in some way, help make us all better people. I know I am a better person for reading your latest passage on Buck O’Neil. I plan to share this, as I do with so many other articles, with my staff hoping that the words resonate with them as much as they did with me.

    Buck O’Neil was a special human being. You are too Mr. Posnanski.

  5. Tampa Mike says:

    I wouldn’t say I’m angry Buck isn’t in the Hall, but it’s one of the few times I wanted the voters to explain themselves in a public forum. Why did they think him unworthy? Jealousy? Bitterness? That was already a special day for Buck, but induction would have meant that much more to a man at the end of his life. They don’t deserve him.

  6. DavidShaorn, MA says:

    Damn you for writing about Buck again and making me cry at work!!!

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