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Hess, Buzz and a Minor Home Run Record

TOLEDO — The 433rd home run of Mike Hessman’s sprawling minor-league career skied toward the Fifth Third sign that towers over the scoreboard in left field. The ball easily cleared the fence and bounced in a gap underneath the Kroger sign. It landed on a concrete slab, bounced over a garbage bin, a recycling bin and a high iron gate and skipped on to Monroe Street where someone picked it up. He refused to return it. He sensed this was a famous baseball.

The Toledo Mud Hens are in negotiations with the man as we speak.

More on Mike Hessman, Buzz Arlett and the minor league home run record here at NBC SportsWorld.

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8 Responses to Hess, Buzz and a Minor Home Run Record

  1. chlsmith says:

    Marvelous story. If Kevin Costner wasn’t so old, he could play that guy in a movie.

  2. T206 Hans Lobert misprint says:

    Well done, Joe. Fantastic. I will re-read it again tonight. From following the ball over the wall -its trajectory and bounces- to the joy of having no regrets, it seems the tales of the talented tough teach me the most.

    P.S. There is a retired wrestling coach in Euclid whose story I would love to hear. You should be the one that tells it.

  3. Richard says:

    Please, Detroit Tigers, bring this guy up as part of the September roster expansion. Let him end his career in the Big Leagues….

  4. pjr1427 says:

    Buzz Arlett still holds a major league record: the most career home runs (18) by a player who played only one major league season.

    Second is Joe Baxes (me neither) with 17 for the 1959 Dodgers and Indians. Then let’s not count Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa, so third would be Bucky Jacobsen with 9 for the 2004 Mariners.

  5. Cliff Blau says:

    What’s this with pretending that Hessman set the career minor league HR record? The Mexican League has belonged to the National Association, now known as Minor League Baseball, since 1955. How is it not a minor league? Since when does minor league mean “major league farm system”?

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