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Greinke is one of a kind.

It began thusly:

Me: How did you feel today?
Zack: Really? That’s what you want to ask?
Me: Yeah not really.

And so … another Greinke story begins.

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11 Responses to Greinke

  1. Crazy Diamond says:

    Greinke always seems a bit pompous. His fight with Carlos Quentin really confirmed his “jerk” status to me. I give him props for battling and overcoming anxiety and becoming a great pitcher, but as much as I want to root for him, he’s just too off-putting.

  2. Grant says:

    Ha! So cool.

  3. Johnny says:

    Hey Joe,

    I always enjoy your Greinke stories. I am curious, you say that he is on a potential Hall of Fame path, would you say the same about Cole Hamels? Their career numbers are fairly similar. Hamels has been much more consistent, but doesn’t have the amazing individual seasons that Greinke has. However, he does have the LCS and World Series MVPs.

    • Karyn says:

      I think Greinke has an edge overall. He has the Cy Young, plus another top-2 CYA finish. At the same baseball age, he has more fWAR and bWAR, and more Wins (I know, I know). Neither will reach 300 W or 3,000 Ks (Hamels has the slight edge in Ks). I think Greinke is slightly more likely to make the Hall of Fame than is Hamels, although I wouldn’t bet on either one.
      It’s a toss up as to which I’d rather have on my team.

  4. Brad says:

    One of my favourite non-JoePos stories (I don’t think he has ever written about the slow pitch competition anyway?)

  5. Rick Rodstrom says:

    In 2015, Greinke had a fantastic year, with a 1.66 ERA. Part of that had to do with a career low BABIP of .232. It was by far the lowest of his career, and there was a chorus that said it was due to luck, and that he would certainly regress, which he did in a big way, as in 2016 his BABIP returned to a more typical .299 as his ERA soared to 4.37.

    Now I didn’t watch much of Greinke last year save for a game against the Dodgers in September in which he gave up 5 home runs. He was just getting shellacked, and rightfully so, as he seemed to be grooving them in there to get hit. His pitches didn’t have bite, their location was awful, no wonder his BABIP was so high. The surprise was that it wasn’t higher.

    Living in LA, I did see a lot of Greinke in his masterful year of 2015, and it didn’t surprise me that his BABIP was so low. He had command of all of his pitches, could throw any pitch at any time to any spot. Hitters were constantly guessing, and as a result, he got a lot of weak contact. Not a lot of atom balls in there. No wonder his BABIP was so low. The surprise was that it wasn’t lower.

    So while randomness does play a part in BABIP, we should not discount the possibility that it could be the result of pitching better one year than another. 2015 might have simply been a career year for Greinke, when he had everything going for him: his stuff, his command, his health, his confidence. Everything lined up perfectly. Perfection, like luck, is usually unrepeatable.

  6. Bookbook says:

    Grienke seems a bit like Mussina or Jim Palmer. They might not be guys you’d pal around with, but who cares? They pitch.

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