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Favorite Athlete: Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver did me a priceless favor on the evening of June 15, 1977. I’d grown up cheering, admiring – worshipping – Seaver, idolized him, kept score for all his games. I was 10. There is never a time when a favorite baseball player means more to you than at 10.

And then he was gone. The papers called him greedy. Seaver called the Mets cheap. I cried the morning of June 16, and suddenly learned a great sporting lesson: It is OK to love sports, but they don’t always love you back. Doesn’t make the relationship any less important. Just different. 

— Mike Vaccaro is sports columnist columnist for the New York Post, author of three excellent books, he has memorized every line from the two Godfather movies that actually exist and he knows more about the Beatles than Paul McCartney (or at least more than McCartney remembers).
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3 Responses to Favorite Athlete: Tom Seaver

  1. Tim says:

    He’s mine, too. I was there when he was inducted into Cooperstown. I grew up a half hour from Cooperstown, and he was the only guy I ever went back for. Smart, engaging, a class act all the way, and one of the best ever. The Saturday Night Massacre was a painful episode, one I had to wait 6 years for the Mets to correct when they traded for Keith Hernandez in mid-season.

  2. Mike says:

    The Midnight Massacre. Yeah, that was a rude awakening for me, at nine-years old. Of course I hadn’t following the Dick Young-Nancy Seaver-Donald Grant shenanigans in the papers. All is knew was that one day Tom Terrific — my favorite athlete, just nudging out Clyde & Broadway Joe, both fading or traded at that point — was a Met, and the next day he was gone . . . and on the hated Big Red Machine, of all teams.

    I didn’t get it (not sure I do now!), and I can honestly say it turned me off from baseball for a while. (The Mets’ 7 year swoon didn’t help either.)

    Don’t wanna get overly profound, but that was a small learning experience as a baseball fan for sure. Until that moment, it never occurred to me that a guy who was THE FACE of the franchise could just be gone in a snap. Figured it out damn fast though.

  3. Unknown says:

    Tom Seaver is my favorite as well, though I suffered all those years he was on the Mets and then that fateful day when he was traded to my favorite team, the Reds, when I was 15. What a day!! I will also never will forget the anger I felt the day he was robbed of the Cy Young by Valenzuela in 1981.

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