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Favorite Athlete: Jim Brown

Cleveland was not New York nor Los Angeles, even a kid knew that. But no one else had Jim Brown. Every Sunday I kept track of each carry, each yard, expecting him always to break 100. No single defender could tackle him, all power and grace. One Christmas, my daughter gave me a video of Cleveland’s last championship. There’s a recording in which Brown says to the fans, “I wish the stadium was big enough Sunday so that all of you could be here with us.” Underdogs in 1964, they beat the Colts 27-0, and Jim Brown was ours.
— Gary Schwab is Senior Sports Editor of the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer, and one of the great influences on my life. And it’s mere coincidence that I posted this immediately after Pat’s tribute to John Elway. Or not.
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2 Responses to Favorite Athlete: Jim Brown

  1. dunk says:

    Jim Brown, among the very best lacrosse players of all time!

  2. Brown made a play I’ve never forgotten against the Giants in, I think, 1959 though I could be wrong about that. He ran a slant into the backfield and caught a pass at about the 40 yard line and was hit, full force, by the Giant safety, who wrapped both arms around his middle as he did so. Brown didn’t even slow down. He just raced into the end zone dragging the safety all the way.

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