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Elton John was wrong …


… Sorry isn’t the hardest word to say. It’s one of the easiest. Athletes can’t STOP saying it.

On NBC’s SportsWorld, I write a little bit about how I forgive Alex Rodriguez and every other athlete who is asking for my forgiveness. Just one request: Please … stop … apologizing to me.

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13 Responses to Elton John was wrong …

  1. andrew says:

    Im not a A Rod fan, but in all fairness, he served the time and did what MLB required, let the man play.

  2. Jaunty Rockefeller says:

    While I agree with the fundamental sentiment of your post, Joe, it strikes me that you’re playing it a bit naive. The reason athletes feel compelled to apologize is at least in part because your fellow sportswriters demand it, and then once an apology is offered, they debate endlessly whether the apology was sincere or adequate. Part of the shame of the steroids debacle is the self-anointment of sportswriters as moral arbiters.

    • Marc Schneider says:

      Good points. I don’t know why people care if A-Rod is sincere or not sincere or, for that matter, whether he apologizes at all. What difference does it make to anyone? But the media and fans seem to revel in making this a silly morality play. And what did A-Rod actually do? He “cheated” in the game of baseball. You would think he had beheaded people or defrauded billions of dollars.

      The other day, a columnist in the Washington post devoted his entire column to A-Rod’s apology and why it was insincere. Is that all this guy can think to write about?

  3. I agree with Jaunty Rockefeller here. While I appreciate that these apologies may not be heartfelt or necessary, it is you and your fellow sport columnists who often demand these public apologies.

  4. Steve says:

    I’ll go one step further re the necessity of an apology. If a major leaguer doesn’t apologize, the same sportswriters will probably not vote him into the Hall of Fame. His team probably won’t retire his number.

    If he does aplogize (see Pettitte, Andy), he gets his number retired, and there’s a chance he gets voted into the Hall of Fame by those same sportswriters.

    If Pettitte becomes a Hall of Famer, and Clemens and Bonds do not, major leaguers will be apologizing for world famine. It’s in their best career interests to do so.

  5. Isn’t it normal and expected that if someone screws up in a big way that they should apologize? Got caught doing steroids, beating your kid, knocking out your wife and you’re a public person…. and no apology? Not a good look. Nobody should “demand” an apology. But it doesn’t take a genius to know when you should give one.

  6. Paul Priore says:

    Wake up everybody, these baseball players like Alex Rodriquez and Andy Pettitte are not sorry for doing steroids, they are only sorry they got caught.
    The steroids stuff has been going on for many years even when I was still working for the NY Yankees and the owners and management and Major league baseball condoned it as well as everyone else.
    Their Apology isnt worth the paper to wipe their asses.
    They are all scumbags and I know this from dealing with them personally.
    If anyone buys in to their phony Apologies, I got a couple of bridges to sell you.

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