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Editor’s note

I apologize: I accidentally deleted all the comments from the last blog post and, I think, a bunch of other comments as well.

I must admit that for the time being I do not read comments beneath these stories. But someone emailed me to say that there was one in terrible taste that needed to be deleted. I popped on to delete it and accidentally deleted a whole bunch instead, including (I think) the offending one.

The truth is, I always looked forward to the comments below stories here. They have, in many cases, been significantly smarter and better than the stories themselves. I probably have not had to delete even 10 comments in the years I’ve had this blog and its previous versions. I’ve always thought this was a great little corner of the Internet, and I still believe it to be true. 
But, for obvious reasons, I do not have the time to monitor the comments at the moment and certainly don’t have the inclination to delete offensive ones. It took all of 20 seconds for the person to repost the comment, and so for the time being I am going to close down the comments section.
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