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Duels in the Sun

Here is one of the fun jobs of writing a book … getting to reveal the cover. Duels in the Sun, about the rivalry and friendship between Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus, will come out June 9.


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14 Responses to Duels in the Sun

  1. Craig From Az says:

    Is it available as an e-book?

  2. Awesome. Great work, Joe. I mean, I just assume.

  3. David in Toledo says:

    The cover won’t be the best part, but it’s a very nice cover.

  4. MarkStobbe says:

    Despite what they say, you can judge a book by its cover. Author’s name Posnanski – worth a read.

  5. whatacrocker says:

    Which one of them was the one who helped cover up for a pedophile?

  6. gogiggs says:

    Golf? Still don’t care.

    This also goes for tennis, auto racing, Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods.

    I mean, write what you want Joe. It’s your life and the site is free



  7. John says:

    Joe, Have you read Michael Corcoran’s “Duel In The Sun”? It’s about Watson and Nicklaus at Turnberry. Good read!

  8. Unvenfurth says:

    Since someone else has already been a dick on this thread, I will make this suggestion…Seriously, do you REALLY want the name Paterno on your book? Really?

    • Karyn says:

      It’s possible that the publisher insists on that sort of thing. Besides, one can hope that Joe’s proud of that book, despite the circumstances under which it was written.

  9. Andy says:

    Maybe when this book is done, Joe can go back and resume the Baseball 100 countdown.

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