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Design by Committee

I write a little something over at Sports On Earth about the three new Hall of Famers — an umpire who became a manager and then an umpire again, a Tammany Hall politician who wouldn’t pay DiMaggio, and a barehanded catcher who believed that the earth is flat — and talk a bit about how Baseball Hall of Fame is REALLY constructed rather than how people seem to think it is constructed.

So, if you happen to see this post first, I pose for you a question:

What percentage of the Hall of Fame do you think is comprised of players voted in by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Put your answer below, and then check over at SOE to see see how close you got. I’ve got something about more about this coming.

I also have a massive Springsteen piece off his Oakland concert last Friday.

And something about the Kansas City Royals one last chance to make it real.

And something about one of my favorite NBA players.

And something about one of the three best single-sport announcers in the history of a the game.

And, who knows, maybe something about the Washington Nationals rotation with Dan Haren in it.

And something about beer.


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18 Responses to Design by Committee

  1. John Franco says:

    Completely uninformed wild guess… 40% BBWAA

  2. B.E. Earl says:

    Read the SOE post first, but I wasn’t shocked at the number.

  3. KetchBriggs says:

    and an iPad Mini review!

  4. I probably would have have said 55/45 in favor of the Vets committee, but the fact that you’re asking suggests it’s even wider. I’ll say 35% BBWAA.

  5. Unknown says:

    I’d guess that roughly 50% of the HoF is comprised of players voted in by the writers.

  6. Tampa Mike says:

    I would guess around 30/35%.

    The big block of Negro League players selected a few years ago was all veteran’s committee I believe.

  7. Scott says:

    I read the other post first but went in thinking it would be a 50-50 split. I was a little surprised to be off by as much as I was, though, and honestly my main feeling now is: way too many committees, way to many people inducted by that route. There should have been one for the early days players, and another for the Negro League players (I guess, though honestly I can see saying they deserve their own hall since they had their own league, while some may feel that it’s some kind of justice for them to be included by the same baseball establishment that once spurned them).

  8. Now that you mention it, I think kicking the ball down the road in the current political parlance makes an awful lot of sense. The whole idea of the Veterans Comittees and the Negro League Committees is that sometimes time gives you a better perspective on a player’s candidacy.

    If Caputo’s screed does nothing else, it serves to highlight the truism that balanced perspective on PED’s and the Hall is almost nonexistent right now. While I think that Caputo’s piece (or at least the part you quoted) is nearly libelous, I’m something of a hardliner, or at least I am in the presence of hard proof. So while I scoff at and find unbalanced the idea that we should simply ignore Bonds’ usage of the Clear, I understand that those sabermetricians and Giants fans on the other side of the fence would find my views unbalanced.
    Having read a bunch of comments here and at ESPN and at SI, I know that balance from fans on the subject is a very rare thing, and understand even more deeply how the press–often over-compensating for their failure to get the story as it happened–is unbalanced, shit, they’re nearly rabid, as well.

    I think you’re right, Joe. The best people to vote on this are the ones 50 years down the road, when some kind of perspective will be understood. It’s sure as hell not understood right now.

  9. Jere says:

    guessing a third

  10. brhalbleib says:

    Joe, I know you enjoy voting for the HOF as a writer, but guys like Caputo are going to get the voting rights stripped from the BBWAA someday. And it might be someday soon, if more completely vapid opinions of the current voting members are published.

  11. Mark Daniel says:

    I was way off. I read the other article first, so I won’t post a guess. But I figured 75% or somewhere in that range were BBWAA-elected. I now see that there is a very high standard indeed for getting in by that route.

  12. Ian R. says:

    To be fair, the number is skewed somewhat because the BBWAA only elects MLB players. All of the managers, umpires, executives and pioneers in the Hall were chosen by some committee, as were all of the Negro Leagues players.

    If we only look at the 208 Major League players in the Hall, about 54% were chosen by the writers.

  13. “And something about beer.”

    Can’t wait. Anything about the hometown brews from Great Lakes? KC Beers?

  14. Is this article about beer
    really going to be about malted barley & hops beer
    rice-derived lager?

  15. Pip says:

    cant wait for the springsteen piece!

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