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So, I wrote a little something here about Kentucky Derby favorite California Chrome and how it’s crazy stories like this that keep the Derby alive and vibrant after 140 years. If you think about it, there really aren’t many other American traditions that have lasted 140 years — none in sports.

Got something fun coming on the playing careers of baseball managers. Will let you know when it’s up.

Got No. 44, No. 43, No. 42 and No. 41 all but done in the Baseball 100. I do realize that the pace has slowed on that considerably but that’s largely because the theme has changed. When I first started this thing, I was going to unveil the 100 in 100 days with two or three paragraph items on each one. For some reason — hint: my own stupidity — I started writing each of these long, long player essays and as it went along I have sort of felt like I didn’t want to short any of the players coming up. So, we’ll unveil them at a slower pace.

Now, can someone — anyone — explain these wacked out “Framily” commercials Sprint is doing?

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7 Responses to Derby and stuff

  1. DjangoZ says:

    Please take your time. The quality and length of these Baseball 100 essays have been wonderful and are well worth the wait.

  2. David says:

    Joe, is there any way that you can talk to someone from the NBC Sports site about opening articles on mobile devices? Every time you link something and I click it on my phone, the page is “not found,” but the same link WILL work from my laptop. Is it just an Android issue? And is there some way someone can fix it? It’s just really frustrating.

    • Spencer says:


      I found a solution (for my phone at least)

      Open the link and you get the page not found. Then goto “request desktop site” on options

      I think I got mine to do it automatically now

  3. Ditto. It’s embarrassing that a company as huge as NBC can’t do something that pretty much every other company can do seamlessly. It also causes me to not read your articles. My leisure reading time tends to correspond with cell phone and tablet usage time.

  4. catty says:

    Right, clicking anything under MSNBC gets redirected to “”
    (which is the mobile version) and results in “the requested page … could not be found.

  5. Bill Caffrey says:

    I have been wondering myself about the Framily commercials. One daughter speaks French, one son has a deep southern twang, and the dad is a hamster? Huh? And there;s other bizarreness in there that I’m forgetting.

  6. Carl Berndash Omniart says:

    Regarding Sprint’s Framily ads, it seems to me that the Old Spice “I’m on a horse” spot from a few years back spawned a few generations of madcap, absurdist ads. I’m thinking of ads like Dairy Queen’s “RiDQulous” campaign, the reductio ad absurdum of Direct TV’s “don’t let your dad be punched over a can of soup,” or the Mio pomegranate water squirt “it changes everything” spot. The weirdness of these ads seems to be part simply to shock the audience into attention and part to try to get social media attention.

    In my opinion, most of these derivative ads seem labored. They’re just so deliberately random, there’s no room for charm.

    And while these criticisms apply to Sprint’s Framily ads, I have to give Sprint credit for achieving actual weirdness. Well, some of them do. The giant Kevin Durant blasting off with rocket shoes is labored and boring, but a hamster dad and French-speaking daughter with the cartoon bluebirds fluttering around her head? That’s an ad that leaves me scratching my head.

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