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Cubs, Fastballs and Other Links

Trying to take a little vacation with family this week in California — have a sort-of anti-Katie the Prefect story that I probably won’t share — and so a little behind on the linkage.

Also, should mention: Royals story coming next week along with a whole new turn for the PosCast and some baseball preview stuff.  Might talk to a baseball old-timer about the kids today — with some surprising results. And Nos. 31 and 30, I think, on the Baseball 100.

THIS IS THE YEAR: Cubs. Cubs. Cubs.

I WANNA GO FAST: I was lucky enough to be a part of Jonathan Hock’s new documentary “Fastball,” about, well, the fastball. Being a part of it reminded me that much of baseball’s magic comes from, yes, the magic of the fastball.

— FUN AND GAMES: Not sure if I already linked this story I did on the ageless Jaromir Jagr, but it was a lot of fun to do.

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13 Responses to Cubs, Fastballs and Other Links

  1. dlf9 says:

    I loved your write ups on KC barbeque and would love for you to post on the differences between that and Carolina Q. And since I’m moving to CLT soon, would love your opinions on the best BBQ in your once before and now again home town.

    • Best Carolina BBQ near Charlotte is Red Bridges in Shelby, NC and Courtney’s in Clover, SC. Otherwise make the drive up to Lexington, NC for Eastern NC style ‘cue. Charlotte isn’t known as a hotspot for true Carolina BBQ.

  2. MikeN says:

    If the Cubs win the World Series, wouldn’t Theo Epstein be a lock for the Hall of Fame?

  3. David says:

    You didn’t link to it here, but I really enjoyed your article about quarterbacks. I would be curious to see your reflections on the greatest ones of all-time. In your article, I kept waiting for mention of Brett Favre, John Elway, and Otto Graham. Only one of them came. I think ranking QBs has become more difficult than ever. When you’ve completed the Baseball 100, if you want another ranking project, I would LOVE to read your 50 (40? 20? 10?) Greatest QBs.

    • It’s so hard to compare eras in football. Different rules, different equipment, different sized players, different strategies. Otto Graham was playing before I was born, but he has to be the most successful QB ever, if not the best ever. 10 Championship games in 10 years would only be better if he had won them all. BTW: my parents lived in Cleveland and saw lots of Browns games in that era. I know he has both of their votes. Imagine living in a city with franchise on a 10 year run of reaching the Super Bowl (equivalent), winning (I think) six times. Unimaginable today.

      • VTmike says:

        Don’t make me say. I hate the Patriots, don’t make me say it. The Browns made the championship game 10 years in a row by winning their division. They were the best out of 6 teams. It is not unimaginable to win your division 10 years in a row, the Patriots have done it every year since 2003 (except 2008, sans Tom Brady, when Patriots and Dolphins both went 11-5, and Miami was awarded the division on the 4th tiebreaker). Why did you make me say it? Now I have to shower.

  4. Len says:

    Fastball. Brilliant movie. So many good baseball documentaries these past few years. Knuckleball, Bastards, No-No. Fastball among the best.

  5. Hoffman Mark A. says:

    Here’s me, the skeptic (although perhaps the movie would bear me out): I wonder if MLB isn’t just pumping up those numbers so as to increase attendance/interest, so that a Bob Gibson 96 is now a Chapman 101.

    • Marc Schneider says:

      I think that, to the extent people go to see pitchers, it’s to see strikeouts, not to see hard throwing per se. In other words, whether the guy is throwing 96 or 100 wouldn’t make much difference as long as he is striking out a ton of batters. After all, you can’t tell the difference from the stands anyway, and, in any case, Chapman only pitches one inning. I find it hard to believe that MLB would find it worthwhile to pump up a guy that pitches one inning-and you don’t know necessarily when he is going to pitch. I can’t see people saying, oh, I’ve go to go see Aroldis Chapman pitch so I can see him hit 100.

      • M.A. Hoffman says:

        Agreed, but now look at it from the perspective of the tv audience and, especially, ESPN and their highlight reels. What do they show but HR’s and KO’s – but high speed KO’s. MLB gets more mileage out of PR than actual games, at least in the regular season.

  6. Chicken Stan Lee says:

    Just a little grammar police: In the Fastball story third paragraph, it’s had swum, not had swam. Regardless, Always great stuff Joe!!

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