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Crazy Predictions

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  1. invitro says:

    Here’s my crazy predictions…
    – Four teams win 100 games. Washington joins Houston, the Dodgers, and Cleveland in the 100-win club.
    – Jose Altuve becomes acknowledged as the best player in baseball.
    – Justin Verlander wins 20 games and his second Cy Young Award.

  2. Unvenfurth says:

    Crazy Predictions:

    The Royals contend until the All Star break

    The Yankees never spend a day in first place

    The Indians win the World Series.

    Crazy enough?

    • Mark Garbowski says:

      I think one key to making crazy predictions is giving them a timeline such that by the time they end up being wrong everyone forgets you made them. The “never spend a day in first place” prediction is too likely to be proven wrong on Opening Day, as it was here.

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