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Many very nice people have written in asking when the comments will return to this blog.

I would very much like to bring the comments back — I miss them and hated that I felt it necessary to close them down. But, to be honest about it, I have quite a few things going on and won’t be able to read the comments with any regularity for the next few months, much less moderate them.

But I have been told by more than a few Brilliant Readers that they would be happy to moderate the comments if I will turn them back on. This seems like a plan that could work if people are serious about it. So here’s what we will do: If you have interest in moderating the comments here, send an email here. And if we get a couple of people who are willing to do it, we’ll try to open up the comments again.

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  1. mulkowsky says:

    Joe, did you turn these back on? If so, kudos! Your brilliant readers aren’t nearly as brilliant as you, but I enjoy reading the 99% of us who are civil and positive. Thanks for all the great reads!

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