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Christmastime Is Here

The Kansas City Royals have signed Yuniesky Betancourt.

Have you seen the movie “Megamind,” where the character, aptly named Megamind, mopes because he no longer has an arch-rival. I have to admit, that’s a little bit how I felt during the 2011 baseball season. Oh, sure, Yuni was still around, but he was with a really good Milwaukee team, and it all felt so temporary, and even though he still posted a .252 batting average with a .271 on-base percentage and made one of the greatest defensive plays I’ve ever seen while barely moving on other ground balls and hit a few timely home runs and did all the great and powerful things that Yuni does … well, it just wasn’t the same.

But now he’s back. The Royals plan on using Yuni as an all-purpose utility player at various positions. And, yes, I cannot wait for opening day.

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