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Buddy Ryan


From NBC SportsWorld:

Buddy Ryan died on Tuesday and there won’t ever be another one like him. “Quarterbacks,” he wrote in his playbooks, as discovered by Smart Football’s Chris Brown, “are overpaid, overrated, pompous bastards and must be punished.” If ever there were 10 words to sum up the coaching philosophy (and general philosophy) of James David “Buddy” Ryan, it is those …

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5 Responses to Buddy Ryan

  1. Mike says:

    Loved the write-up, but as an Oilers fan, I was sad to see no mention of his incredibly tumultuous year as Houston’s defensive coordinator in ’93, which featured (a) being hired without the head coach, Jack Pardee, having any say in the matter, (b) a 1-4 start, followed by 11 straight wins, (c) his turning the Oilers into the NFL’s best defense for that year, (d) the in-season suicide of Jeff Alm, one of his defensive tackles, (e) an ongoing feud with Kevin Gilbride, the offensive coordinator, which resulted in Ryan throwing a punch at him on the sideline during a nationally televised game, and (f) a defensive collapse in the playoffs, just a year after the Oilers’ infamous defensive collapse against the Bills.

  2. My memory of Buddy Ryan will always be for when he was the Eagles coach and the controversy over whether he put a bounty on the Cowboys kicker as well as Troy Aikman (gee, just a quarterback who has since said he was kind of foggy in his first couple of years doing color for Fox because he was still recovering from concussions). Anyway, at the time, the Giants kicker said they better not mess with HIM. Bill Parcells was the coach then and, when he was told that, got wide-eyed and replied that there were 45 guys on the opposing team and every one of them could beat up the kicker.

  3. Marc Schneider says:

    Buddy was a great defensive coach, obviously, but not that good of a head coach and I think it’s easy to see why. If you hate quarterbacks and care little about the offense, you probably aren’t going to have a very good offense. The Eagles had some success with Randall Cunningham, but they seemed pretty one dimensional to me. And Buddy’s attitude probably hurt him more in the long run; there was a story the other day here in the Washington Post about how infuriated Joe Gibbs was at Buddy’s constant running of his mouth-and the Redskins beat the Eagle most of the time while they were both coaching.

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