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Son, there never was a time
Everybody hated everybody
Never so
Always good white folk
Always good black folk

Remember son
Don’t let hate fill your heart
Always more good people
Than bad
In this world.

Buck O’Neil, who would have turned 102 today.

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3 Responses to Buck

  1. Shagster says:

    There should be a Hall of Fame for folks too good to get in to HoF. Let’s call it the O’Neil HoF. O’Neil, Miller. The first two in. Start the research. Find guys BETTER THAN their numbers who lasted XX seasons in the bigs. Suppose there can be honorarians wing (guys in the boring hall, selectively admitted to O’Neil Hall). Or close the O’Neil Hall?

    Happy Birthday Buck. Shout out of thanks to Joe and Ken B for introducing the rest of us to this good Man.

  2. wordyduke says:

    I had a father-in-law who was Buck’s kind of mensch and would have turned 101 yesterday. Happy Birthday, Buck. Thanks, Joe, Ken Burns. So glad a life-sized statue of Buck welcomes visitors to Cooperstown and that the Buck O’Neil Lifetime Achievement Award exists. In one way of looking at it, Buck represents all the many, many thousands of people who lived baseball and loved the game and nourished it, though the “didn’t have the numbers.”

  3. worried secularist says:

    Is this the most lovable man in the history of baseball?

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