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(Browns) Hope (Sort of) Springs Eternal

From NBC SportsWorld:

Maybe it comes from watching the Browns botch up everything over the last decade, but the prompt and drama-free Hue Jackson hiring seemed to signal something unusual in Cleveland. Competence? A sense of purpose? Focus? I don’t know what you call it but, for a moment, the Browns have given fans a reason to believe.

Caveat: Jackson has announced his intention to call his own plays and not hire an offensive coordinator. So, as I said on Twitter, I’d like to put a courtesy hold on that Browns optimism.

Hope Springs Eternal

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4 Responses to (Browns) Hope (Sort of) Springs Eternal

  1. thoughtsandsox says:

    Until the Browns most memorable GM is no longer “Crash Davis” there really isn’t any hope?

  2. DB says:

    Just read Joe’s story about Shazier. Hopefully he will post it here. I basically know why the NFL loses every legal case it tries. If this was the attempt to codify a rule into writing, this is horrible. Why bother writing down a rule if you will not even attempt to interpret it according to the rule. Just make it up and enforce as you like. When Congress does a better job of drafting, then you know something is wrong.

  3. wogggs says:

    The Browns season ticket commercial is a true classic.

  4. forsch31 says:

    One correction to the column…Al Davis died early in the season with Jackson already the head coach. As a lapsed Raiders fan, I can tell you that what you should hope for is that Jackson focuses on simply being a head coach .In Oakland, Jackson may have been trying to lead a team in turmoil, but he threw lighter fluid on the fire by backstabbing Tom Cable and taking his job, playing locker room politics with his players, and then publicly demanding more power after Al Davis died, even though he knew Mark Davis planned to hire a general manager.

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