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Bobblehead Dreams

Yes, I was there.

Yes, I want to be one of those first 20,000 fans.

The only thing missing is Barry Bonds in the background after making the weak throw that should have forced him to give back at least two of his Gold Glove awards.


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16 Responses to Bobblehead Dreams

  1. Bob Chase says:

    Bobbleheads have such a sunny disposition, even when they’ve applied the tag a split-second too late.

  2. shaggy says:

    Gosh that was magic. Sid the slow palooka rounding 3rd and somehow getting home. Time slowed to a crawl from that camera angle. It was the night the Old Atlanta died and a New Atlanta burst out in the world. it even felt that way in the noisy crowded bar in the Highlands.

  3. graves44 says:

    I cried myself to sleep that night. My childhood ended in 1992

  4. sandman says:

    There are at least two things wrong with this picture & caption. 1) June 9 in no way can be the Anniversary of an NLCS game, and 2) there is no way a game between Atlanta and Toronto could be an NLCS game.

    • Well, they won’t be playing a regular season game on the actual, to-the-date anniversary of the game. And I assume they chose a game against Toronto because that is who the Braves played in the World Series in 1992. HOWEVER – isn’t that last year’s Blue Jays’ logo? And isn’t there new logo much closer to the one they wore in ’92?

  5. Hillary says:

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  6. Ken Raining says:

    Seems weird to me to celebrate one of the team’s greatest moments before a game against the team they’d go on to loose against in the World Series. It’s like saying, “yeah, this was great, but not THAT great”.

  7. The Stork says:

    Sid had two knee braces, Barry “Mr. Choke-tober” could not throw him out. I had opening game world series tickets in Pittsburgh (they were pre-ordered). I swore Baseball off that day, it would take 12 years before I went to another game. To this day I cannot stand Barry………

  8. David says:

    It kind of seems perfect that Sid is permanently immobilized in a bobble-head. It’s not that far off from reality at the time.

  9. David in NYC says:

    The moment that destroyed the Pittsburgh Pirates. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they have not had a winning season since.

    And you can have your Kentucky Derby — as far as I am concerned, Sid Bream running the bases on that play was the most exciting two minutes in sports.

  10. Why aren’t they having this promotion before a game with the Pirates?

  11. Mark Fichera says:

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  12. Mark Fichera says:

    That seems very amazing bobblehead fun moments. Thanks for that. It memorize me the good time.

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