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Baseball Thoughts, April 9

A little talk on intentional walks and Stephen Strasburg.

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7 Responses to Baseball Thoughts, April 9

  1. invitro says:

    Is Joe switching his blog site again?

  2. Chris H says:

    Posnanski Thoughts, April 9:
    I think among Joe’s readers, in part beacuse of his work, Martinez’s greatness is recognized. Among the gen pop, I suspect Koufax wins going away. I voted for Kershaw myself, mostly because I think sportswriters might give him a likeability edge. (The question was who wins, not who has the best season.) But Koufax might do well there, too, I don’t know. Or maybe I just find him likeable.
    Scully describing Kershaw’s curveball was as good as it gets for me being a sports fan. I’m gonna miss that.
    The blog title poll, on the other hand, is utterly rigged.

    • Karyn says:

      I voted for Johnson, mostly because I thought he might not get the respect he deserves–even among Joe’s readers.

  3. mrh says:

    The Casey Lawrence story reminded me of this…

    Yesterday the Washington Capitals played a meaningless final game: they have the top seed clinched and they were playing a team out of contention. So they sat a bunch of starters and called up some minor leaguers. One of them was Garrett Mitchell, 25 years old but already an 8-year vet of minor league hockey, with six years in the AHL. He had never played in the NHL. So that was pretty cool, a way to pay back the captain of the top farm team, a 6th round pick who may never make the big league.

    “When [Hershey’s coach] Troy gave me that news, I just could have started crying,” Mitchell said. “It was awesome.”

    Then the Caps put him on the top line in place of T.J. Oshie, who sat out. The other first liners, superstar Alex Ovechkin and star Nicklas Backstrom, were playing – they had played all 81 so far and apparently playing every game is a point of pride. Backstrom centers the line but deliberately got himself thrown out of the face-off. So Mitchell not only got to play in his 1st NHL game, and start, he took the puck drop. Probably not a meaningless game for him.

  4. KHAZAD says:

    John Gibbons is the manager I most associate with intentional walks. I will always remember the time he intentionally walked former Royal Tony Pena Jr. (One of the most anemic hitters ever to have a starting job, he hit .228/247/298, with KC, and the year Gibbons walked him he actually got 235 ABs and hit .169.)to get to David Dejesus, who was probably the Royal’s best hitter at the time. Dejesus promptly hit a two run single to give the Royals the lead.

    Although I do always feel a little sorry for the pitcher, I always give a cheer when an intentional walk to load the bases is followed by the unintentional one to walk in a run. I feel like it is the manager getting what he deserved.

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