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A request came in for an old Novak Djokovic story that I wrote … one that has fallen off the Internet.

It seems like a lot of old stories have fallen off the Internet, which is kind of funny because none of the stupid things you say or do EVER fall off the Internet.

In any case, I’ve started a new Medium blog with a few of those stories. Yes, I also have an archive of some old stories, but it’s kind of bulky and hard to deal with. I’m going to try to slowly move everything over to the Medium blog and see how that works. I’m still learning all about Medium so … we’ll see.

In any case, if there are any old stories you’re looking for, you can leave them in the comments and I’ll try to find them if I can. It might take a while. It might take a LONG while. But I’ll try.

Thanks as always for reading.

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13 Responses to Archiving

  1. J Hench says:

    As long as you’re taking requests, let me give my vote for your RIP of David Foster Wallace.

    Also, thank you for the unbelievable stories you’ve been writing the past few weeks (and years!). But especially now, in the doldrums of January, when Jerry DiPoto appears to be the only GM interested in generating any baseball-related news, your columns have been manna in the desert. Thank you.

  2. Marshall says:

    YES! I keep searching in vain for a story you wrote about receiving an autographed bat from Duane Kuiper. That’s my favorite post I’ve read from you–and I think I’ve read pretty much every post since 2008/2009 or so. I’d love to read that again.

  3. Tom says:

    Can’t find the 1-31 rankings of baseball players. But seriously, Joe that life advice stuff you were looking for in the Springsteen book, we all get that from your writing. Thanks.

  4. NevadaMark says:

    The story you wrote about the day the Royals ruined Gil Meche’s arm for good. Fantastic.

  5. Marco. says:

    You wrote a story once about Alex Gordon (this was before he blossomed) and talked about how expectations colored our perception of the present. You said something along the lines of ‘because of the expectations we all had of him, excellent is only ok and good feels like failure’.
    I’d love to read it again if you can find it.
    Thank you.

  6. invitro says:

    (a) Yuni Betancourt articles, (b) Trout vs Cabrera for MVP articles, (c) Jack Morris articles, (d) stories about Clemens, Brett, Dan Marino, (e) that article on why the XFL was the greatest pro sports league in world history.

  7. Steve says:

    I’d love to reread your Thanksgiving columns

  8. Pat says:

    First, thank you, Joe, for writing these. Reading them is truly our pleasure.
    Second, apologies that I can’t be more specific and/or helpful with this request, but I just don’t remember more: The part I remember was a contrast you drew between you, as a fan of offense in football, and one of your friends who was a fan of defense. I remember you making a big point about this: You could both be watching the same football game, but your friend would notice the blown coverage in the secondary, and you would see the wide open receiver that the quarterback missed.
    There was a call-back later in the article to that distinction as just a difference in worldview, that people can watch the same event and both see different things in it—not because one of them is right and the other wrong, but just… well, I don’t recall it exactly. But I remember thinking it was great writing. (That, of course, doesn’t narrow down your articles much!)

  9. Brad says:

    I’d love to see a reposting of your favorite calls and favorite SI covers of all time.

  10. Bill says:

    You reference a Yogi Berra article in your Baseball 100 entry for Yogi. The link does not take you to the article and I cannot find the article online. Would love to read that article.

  11. GothamWiseFool says:

    It would be especially nice to have your article on the philosophy of cheating (from the 2010 World Cup) to read again. But whatever you do put up, I’m sure I’ll find something that’s well worth returning to.

  12. InB4Noobs says:

    You wrote the best story on LeBron’s “Decision.” You blamed yourself, regretting that you had allowed yourself to feel hope, to think that he might stay. Something about “my inner Cleveland let me down.” I like to reread it every time I let myself get my hopes up about my teams and wind up disappointed. It’s the quintessential fan experience for most of us. Can’t find it anymore.

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