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Another Browns Week

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Rooting for the Browns to win at Pittsburgh used to mean everything to me. There really wasn’t much chance for that this week. But at least I had some text exchanges with Michael Schur to keep my mind off the horrors.

Just the Pitts

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8 Responses to Another Browns Week

  1. Marc Schneider says:

    My god, finally an NFL franchise more incompetent than Washington. I didn’t think that was possible. But at least the Browns’ nickname is not offensive.

  2. matt says:

    I feel obligated to point out that the last time I saw the wildcat formation work was when the Steelers (of course!) beat the Chargers this year on the last play of the game.

  3. Curtis says:

    Quick quibble with the Yost post: post-season record is 22-9, not 23-8. Weird in that he had a better record in the year they finished runner up (11-4) than the year they won it (11-5).

    But otherwise, I agree with all the data but have a slightly different conclusion. What is amazing is that last July I thought the only reason Yost hadn’t been fired is that the owners didn’t want Moore to hire the next manager because he was about to be fired, too. Last summer, Hosmer was averaging about an extra base hit per week, Moustakas belonged in the minors, Colon was never going to be anything but a utility infielder at best, and Bubba Starling was a complete bust. The major league team looked to be topping out at middling, and the once-hyped as best in a generation farm system had fizzled.

    If Yost had been canned last summer, would anybody have blinked? If Moore had? So if we should have a two year process to think about whether someone is the manager of the year or executive of the year, it should work both ways. If during that two years, he could have been fired without anybody being shocked, is it reasonable to think he is the manager of the year?

  4. Mike Williams says:

    But Joe, the Browns HAVE beaten Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh many time recently – the Browns that moved to Baltimore anyway. (Sorry – that was rather like twisting the knife after a stabbing)

  5. rabidtiger says:

    Some questions:

    Have the Browns lost 24 consecutive road games?

    Have the Browns lost 16 games in one season?

    Have the Browns won less than two playoff games since 1957?

    Have the Browns lost 23 consecutive games to another team in that team’s home stadium?

    If they have, my heart will bleed along with the hearts of Browns’ fans. The greatest triumph I have enjoyed as a fan came in 1962, when my team gave that other team its only loss of the season. The high points have been few and never sustained. The greatest player on my team over the last 50 years up and quit. Perhaps my team lacks that certain something that Joe chronicles with the Browns, but I’m guessing his heart would break just as hard if he made my team his team.

    • rabidtiger says:

      To refresh my memory, I just checked some records. In the first question, I should have said “… 26 consecutive road games?” On the other hand, it was the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Browns who succumbed to my team–in one year(!)–or they would have gone 0-32 over two consecutive seasons… recently. My team has been in the NFL for over 80 years, like Washington, and has the grand total of one (1) victory in Washington, after 21 consecutive losses. At least my guys beat the Browns like a drum.

      • Eric says:

        I imagine you could make a similar list of sad facts about the Browns, starting with the fact that they left town and immediately won two titles for another city and another fanbase. There’s a gut punch the Lions would be hard-pressed to match.

        But more importantly, when your sad football season is over, you switch sports and watch the Red Wings, Pistons and Tigers. Detroit teams have won 8 titles in my lifetime (one every four years!). That’ll mend a broken heart.

        • rabidtiger says:

          Thank you for reminding me. Detroit on the whole has done better with major sports than Cleveland. I don’t care so much about the Red Wings and Pistons, though they have very pleasantly surprised me multiple times in my middle age and beyond. in my earlier years they were both perennial disappointments. I really can only be “killed” by the misfortunes of the Tigers, who have apparently emerged into the world of competitors as long as the Illitch family cares about winning. I have muted hope there at least. If I had been born near Cleveland, I would probably live and die with the Symphony Orchestra. The disappointment of the sports teams would have numbed me to sports by 1990 or so.

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