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Amazing home run starts

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  1. Herb Smith says:

    Kevin Maas, in that magical rookie season, had one stat line I’ll never forget: 21 homers, 41 RBI.

  2. tim miller says:

    Ah good ok Ron kittle; if healthy he would of hit a bunch of homers-93 over his first three full seasons. Me and my 4 year old daughter collect cards and she has her own album and one day she said to me “daddy, can I have one of the guy with funny glasses.” god I love baseball. I need to get some bob Hamelin now.

  3. LuisLozada says:

    Of course some of us remember Kevin Mass, I like to think of the 80’s and early 90’s as MY Golden Era of Baseball.

    In my case I remember him from playing winter ball in Venezuela with the Tigres de Aragua, so the name was kind of familiar.

    I also remember watching on TV a fan sign stating “Kevin Mass – uno Maas”. Living in Venezuela and not knowing much English back then I thought it was clever, how naive…

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