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Joe Posnanski is  National Columnist for NBC Sports, where he writes about more or less every sport. Before that he was Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated and columnist for The Kansas City Star. He also worked at Sports on Earth, The Cincinnati Post, The Augusta Chronicle and The Charlotte Observer. He cannot keep a job

He has written four books,  including New York Times No. 1 Paterno and bestsellers The Secret of GolfThe Machine and The Soul of Baseball. He currently is writing a book about Harry Houdini and his impact on the today’s world.

Posnanski has won a bunch of awards and never lets anyone forget it. The photo above is of the personalized muppet he won for being named best sportswriter at the Blogs 4 Balls Conference. He has been named national sportswriter of the year by the National Sports Media Association, was twice named national columnist of the year by the Associated Press Sports Editors, and three times won the National Headliner Award. He has won an Eddy Gold Award and an Emmy Award. The Baseball Bloggers Alliance has named its writer of the year award after him.

He grew in Cleveland, spent the bulk of his adult life in Kansas City and now lives in Charlotte with his wife Margo, their two daughters Elizabeth and Katie and their dog Westley, named for the hero in “The Princess Bride.” They are sick of him writing about them all the time. Especially the dog.

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  1. ramiro valdez says:

    Well i also like to give credit where credit is due i believe in 19 century historic baseball player icons and i think that they need more recognition or palace of their own to really call home. with that said i am going to drop a bigger wrench on the fire. By luck i have com to own the winning game ball of the 1876 un-official five game series between the St Louis Brown Stockings and the Chicago White Stockings signed by St Louis ball players to also include icon historic players of that era such as George Washington Bradley ,the Irish Andy Leonard ,the coach Mason Griffin ,Gleason from 1882, Burkett, and your very own Adrian Cap Anson with many other signatures that will be identify with machines at a latter date. the initial story was written by Stephen Whitaker from the Echo News Paper in Helotes, Texas 78023 the 20 of November 2013 see it for your self.

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  3. Joe: I am an old man certainly by comparision with you at 67. I just read your piece about Wainwright and throwing against Jeter. It was one of those damned if you, damned if you don’t things. Had Wainwright struck out Jeter, the crowd would have booed him on a night when the All-Star game became a farewell to Jeter even moreso than about the showcasing of glittering stars.
    He fired a hard ball and Jeter slammed a double. Granted, Matheney should have started Kershaw since Wainwright just finished a very good outing over the weekend.
    Wainwright, Neshek and the rest of the Cardinals can put the All-Star aside and get back to focusing on the rest of th season now that they are well within range in the NL Central Division.
    Your colunmn was very good and I’m not one to blow smoke on issues. I finally retired from the newspaper business after 32 years along with 13 years in corporate (public relations) journalism. I am disturbed by the way too many young journalists riddle grammar rules and often times biased and ignore balance reporting.

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