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A Sad Day

Some days, rare days every so often, it’s not a lot of fun being a sportswriter.

To an athlete dying young — a few words for Jose Fernandez.

To an athlete dying old — a few words for Arnold Palmer.

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4 Responses to A Sad Day

  1. shagster says:

    Just a quick note. My grandmother played a lot of golf. Since back when women didn’t, and if they did, they wore long skirts – dresses. When she was young she’d occassionally sneak out on Sunday’s and get a few holes in. It was saying something when considering her means growing up and the times when came of age. She loved to golf.
    She also likes to gamble, and took money off her grandkids as soon as she’d take it off a friend. Her game always rising to the bet. Never of course letting us wager with her beyond our pocket change; it was the bet that counted, not the amount.
    As she got older she loved watching Ben, Sam, Arnold, Jack, Tom, and Tiger. Of them all, Tom was her favorite. Jack, she acknowledged, was the greatest. Tiger was a pleasure to watch.
    She didn’t talk too much about Palmer. Even to a young kid, the comparative stood out.
    This year when I read Suzuki’s comments about Pete Rose I was taken back in time. And think about them again today. It was unspoken, but as I grew up I came to appreciate how she and other golfers of her age felt about Arnold. He had something Tom, Jack, and even Tiger didn’t and couldn’t have. He had her respect.

  2. Dan says:

    Marvellous, both of them, the subjects and the stories.

  3. Ross says:

    Good stuff, Joe.
    If anyone hadn’t seen it, here is the gif of Jose catching the liner. It’s my favorite highlight of Jose’s. I never knew what he said back to Tulo but I could tell he was having fun with that smile.

  4. Evan says:

    Love the new layout, Joe.

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