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A JoeBlogs Update

So, you may or may not (or may) have noticed that production on this site has gone way down. There is a reason for this – well, actually there are a lot of reasons. The main reason is that we have some pretty cool things brewing at NBC Sports that will come out over the next couple of months (well, I think they’re cool) and so things are a bit jumbled right now. This blog will probably undergo a couple of changes in the process – changes for the better, I believe. You’ll see. Anyway, that’s one reason. Once we get through the numerous changes, productivity should return to the previous insane pace.

Another reason is that I’m now working on my book about Tom Watson’s rivalry and friendship with Jack Nicklaus. The book doesn’t have an official title yet (note to self: Come up with a title) so that is taking up a lot of my time and will for a while.

Another reason is that I have started playing tennis again with some urgency. I’ll explain when I get a chance.

Another reason is that … well, hey, you know, there are a lot of reasons.

I do have some things coming – huge piece on the first-place Royals (of course), something Pixifoods, something about my tennis inspiration, something about my the Surface Pro 3.

Oh, and as for the Top 100 – I was going to post a list of the remaining 40 players in my Top 100 but I heard from a bunch of you that you didn’t want me to do that and would rather wait for me to write the full essays on them. So, that will have to wait for a while. I might even take some of your suggestions and build my next book around it. We’ll see where it goes.

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24 Responses to A JoeBlogs Update

  1. abrem says:

    How is this for a title, “Jack and Tom, a friendship and rivalry” (kidding)

  2. Face says:

    Joe, I appreciate the update, I love the 100 and as they say good things come to those who wait. Please don’t list the remaining 40 without the proper writing. Thanks again

  3. DjangoZ says:

    Thanks for the update.

  4. PhilM says:

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know: you know we’ll be here (somewhat) patiently waiting!

  5. Trent Phloog says:

    Thanks for the update, Joe! I have literally been checking five times a day hoping for your thoughts about the Royals… I can’t wait.

    Also, not to be too greedy about free content, but when will we see another Poscast?

  6. ftghb says:

    good idea to wait on the top 100… seems rather backwards to have detailed writeups for the bottom of the list only to just list the top guys

  7. Hell yes there should be a book with your Top 100 essays! Mark me down for at least five copies. I wanted it leather bound with acid-free paper, gorgeous type face, a forward written by Michael Schur, at least two photos per player, and tables of normal and sabermetric stats for each. At $40 each, I’ll set aside $200 in anticipation. Thanks.

  8. wanted = want, obviously.

  9. NevadaMark says:

    Surface Pro 3? Is that the latest in floor waxing technology?

  10. mark in orlando says:

    Joe, I coach tennis in Orlando, whenever you come through town be my guest and let’s get on the court.
    Coach Hill

  11. Take your time. Everything you write is a joy. Top 100 book would be awesome and hey, you have over 50% of it done!

  12. Dave says:

    Yes, thank you for the update. I commented about your absence on an earlier posting that you were probably taking a (well earned) vacation. Another thought crossed my mind while I wrote that and that is there could have been a family illness involved. I’m ever so glad that that wasn’t involved.

  13. jim louis says:

    Joe, since your truthful but depressing blog on the Royals (“Empty Yesterday” on Aug. 01), the Royals have entered BIZARRO WORLD. They’ve gone 15-3. Hosmer, who Dayton Moore had planned to be a centerpiece of the team, has been on the bench, yet Billy Butler, took over at 1st base and is finally hitting as KC fans thought he would. KC got to play the A’s 7 games, which seemed daunting, but the A’s dealing of Cespedes on August 1st left the A’s in an offensive funk for that first couple weeks. Detroit’s Verlander and Soria got injured. KC picked up some guy named Kratz, who was recently forced to sub for Perez late in a game and promptly hit 2 HR’s. A guy named Willingham, picked up from Minnesota, has been a hitting machine. Closers Herrera/Davis/Holland have been pitching like Gossage/Eckersly/Rivera. Vargas looks like a Cy Young candidate. Christian Colon was brought up and helped spark a couple wins. Opponents are making mistakes in the field and the Royals are getting timely hits. Last night, KC scored all 7 runs on 2 outs. Butler tried to score on a double and looked to be out by 30 feet, then the catcher dropped the ball. Infante, in a terrible slump (yet still batting 2nd), saved KC last night with 4 hits. It’s as if the Royals are getting payback for every bungle and face-palm moment of the last 30 years.

    The Royals are on the cover of Sports Illustrated. And you write that you’re gonna post another blog on the Royals, which I know will be very upbeat and hopeful.

    Why do my spider senses feel a soul-crushing Royals finish is just around the corner?

  14. k.c.andy says:

    I was just sitting here thinking I need to read a good Surface Pro 3 review sometime…. Also, a top 100 book would be awesome. Please consider it. I’m a buyer for sure.

  15. If you wait too long for the rest of the top-100, you will have to revise the list to make room for Erisbel Arruebarruena.

  16. Gesge says:

    Pity that Posnanski is hardly writing while the Royals are fighting for their first playoff berth in 29 years.

  17. Mark Daniel says:

    Surface Pro 3? I’d like to hear your thoughts on that. For example, why so expensive?

  18. Just chiming in to say thanks for so much good content over the years. In the absence, I went back and read some of the old entries again, and they are just great. Thanks so much!

  19. Dave B says:

    Joe, actually, I’d love it if you published the rest of your Top 100 list. It wouldn’t diminish my pleasure in reading your write-ups on the individual players (whenever they come out) in the least.

  20. Reagan says:

    “Oh, and as for the Top 100 – I was going to post a list of the remaining 40 players in my Top 100 but I heard from a bunch of you that you didn’t want me to do that and would rather wait for me to write the full essays on them.”

    So glad to hear this. The essays are what really mattered, not the actual list. It’s the why, not the what that counts in this sort of thing.

    By the way, Joe, I just read The Machine (bought a new paperback copy – hopefully this helps with royalties). Great book. Found one huge error. So big, I’m surprised the book hasn’t been recalled. At one point, you discuss heroes and villains in the media, and you mention a “Dr. Goldfinger.” There is no such person in James Bond lore. Auric Goldfinger never went to medical school. Nor did he earn a Ph.D. in metallurgy.

    The rest of the book was fine, though.

  21. Carl says:

    Hi Joe,


    The Surface Pro 3?!?! You’ve gone over to the Dark Side. Next you’ll be covering Opening Night at the Opera rather than sports.

    You’re a Apple man and love baseball. Not Microsoft and tiddlywinks.

  22. Chad says:

    I remember debate about if the top 100 would be done by May …

  23. Chris Smith says:

    “Jack and Tom: Best Frenemies Forever”

  24. Eric R says:

    Let me interrupt the kissing up to say that it’s totally lame that Joe would suspend the top 100 that he started us on — never to be completed is my guess.

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